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organizational excellence

Today’s unforgiving business environment requires nothing less than constant excellence and agility. Constructiveness and resilience have never been more vital.


The Acuity O.S. works with organizations that seek a heightened level of humanity: in leaders, awareness of self, abilities and limitations, combined with an understanding of the physical, mental and technical dynamics of their teams. And in team members, the ability to withstand the tensions and distractions of today’s high-pressure workplaces and continually reach for better results.

personal performance

We live in an era of unprecedented wealth, freedom and opportunity. So why is it that, as a society, we’ve never felt so disconnected, so overwhelmed and, in many ways, so powerless?


Perhaps because all that opportunity comes with strings: stress, distractions, information overload. And behind those challenges: always the pressure to perform like superhumans. The reality is that, to attain freedom and fulfilment in this modern world, we require some modern skills. The Acuity O.S. offer events that explore common behavioral dynamics, and develop skills in dealing with them.

3 levels of stellar performance



Self awareness underpins all high-level functions and is the medium for learning and growth. Emotional intelligence (eQ) is self awareness’s outward-looking twin.



Fixed thinking undermines collective performance. To be agile is to remain attuned to what’s required right now and why, and how to take the next step constructively.


Beyond being self aware and emotionally intelligent, effective leadership increasingly entails staying ahead of the game, systems thinking, and “keeping it simple” amid chaos.




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